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Born and raised in rural western Montana, I learned to love reading by listening to my mom. Curled up together on the couch, she read silly books like "Pippi Longstocking Sails the Seven Seas", adventure books like "Miss Bianca" and "The Rescuers", and Bible stories about David and Goliath, and Paul shipwrecked on the island of Malta. I loved adventure stories, but in real life, I was scared by strangers and even by my own imagination. Courage comes from many sources. For me courage came through prayer, trusting the promises of God, and surrendering my life and plans to Jesus. Whether raising a young family in a country torn by civil war, trekking along precipitous trails with toddlers and teenagers, delivering gifts to children incarcerated with their parents, or caring for my father through the end of his days, whenever my courage fails, Christ remains my refuge and strength.

My initial interest in writing began early, writing rhymes about my cat. Then I discovered the rewards of writing to pen pals, grandparents, and to God. (I liked to begin journal entries with D.G., a code for "Dear God.") In high school, I discovered journalism, and in college, while studying journalism, I turned to reading C.S. Lewis and writing poetry to sort out my inner life, loves, and losses. My first "book" was a collection of poems bound in handmade paper, presented to my family. Though I eventually earned a degree in languages and linguistics, my love of journalistic writing endured. With opportunities for international travel and living abroad, I began writing travel journals and documenting stories from Asia. In this process, I discovered that though our traditions and lifestyles vary greatly, the yearnings of the heart are universal.


And the Word of God, first written in Hebrew and Greek centuries ago in a middle eastern context, offers the same hope  and deliverance to my friends across the globe as it has to me.  


Born in a simple farm house in eastern Montana, Marcella began her schooling in a one-room schoolhouse on the prairie. After putting herself through college and marrying her college sweetheart, Marcella settled down to raise her two daughters and make a home.  Yet, as she put it, "I felt I had gained about everything I had really wanted to do and it certainly hadn't brought me much peace or joy." Even her prayers fell flat. "I had known God and talked to him ever since I could remember. For me God was real; but He was cold and stern, and most of the time inaccessible. He did hear my important prayers, but I couldn't depend on him."

During this time she read a book, "Beyond Ourselves" by Katherine Marshall, about living for Christ in a new way. Katherine spoke about life with Christ as an adventure. Hardships and trials still caused hurt and worry, but God gave strength and peace of mind. One afternoon in 1973, Marcella wrote, "I sat alone in my living room and opened the door to Jesus and asked him to come into my life and to direct it. With God's help and guidance I hoped to find a more fulfilled life and peace of mind."

Marcella's art reflects just one way God brought beauty and order to her inner life and her daily relationships. After both daughters left for college, for more than twenty years, Marcella turned her energy to mastering techniques of drawing and painting, returning to both private and university level classes. She filled her bookshelves with books on art history and technique, and filled numerous portfolios with her drawings and paintings. Her favorite subjects were usually scenes from her life and family as well as reproductions of other artists, from Rembrant to Charles Russell to Hungarian pastorals and the Swedish Jul Tompte.

For the most part, her art has decorated her own home; so it is a joy to finally share a glimpse of that chapter of her life through the illustrations she produced for my acrostic poem on the life of Christ.

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